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Empower creators to focus on their craft and while we handle the rest.

Due to recent events in the world, there's a shift in user behaviour. Now there's an acceleration in creators on internet earn a living by doing what they love.

I talked with some of the creators and I noticed that how much of a challenge it is for creators to have a place where they can monetize the content and engage with their fans. How much of a challenge it was to cobble together different tools creators needed.

This results in such a disjointed experience for the fans to go to different places just to get the right content. While often some of these tool are workaround or products not intended for that purpose, which adds to the problem.

We set out to change that and help creator's bring their world in once place.

- Meet Chopra, Founder

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We don't have any careers page yet. We are a small team working day and night, focused on building Published to help creators bring their world together.

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